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  • DigiKlear™

    USD $14.95

    DigiKlear is designed specifically for cleaning the small digital glass and LCD screens on the backs of digital cameras. It also works for the screens on camcorders, cell phones and more (however, it is not suitable for use on large screens). The DigiKlear has a semi-triangular shaped tip for cleaning into the corners of the screen.


  • DSLR Pro Kit™

    USD $34.95

    DSLR Pro Kit contains everything to keep your lenses, viewfinders and filters clean:

    1. Original LensPen for DSLR lenses
    2. FilterKlear for lens filters
    3. MicroPro for viewfinders
    4. Also includes a handy microfiber carrying pouch which doubles as a cleaning cloth for virtually all other cleaning applications!

    The perfect complement to the SensorKlear Loupe Kit! Your DSLR will love you!
    – Improved replenishment cap to guarantee longer life

  • FilterKlear™

    USD $14.95

    Specifically designed to clean digital camera filters with a natural brush that removes dust.

    Unique non-liquid carbon compound removes fingerprints. Outperforms all other cleaning devices – don’t let your photos be spoiled by a dirty filter!


  • FogKlear™

    USD $8.95

    Dry anti-fog cloth, good for 200+ applications. Environmentally friendly. Double-seal cloth storage system for added protection.

  • LensPen®

    USD $14.95

    A superb new tool in optical lens cleaning technology. Perfect for cleaning camera lenses, binocular lenses, small aperture spotting scopes and telescopes, eyepieces, and other optical items. Comes with a handy retractable dust removal brush and a special non-liquid cleaning element, designed to never dry out. Safe and very easy to use.

  • MicroKlear™

    USD $6.36

    Deluxe Microfibre Suede Cleaning Cloth for cleaning the housings of digital cameras, photo equipment, camcorders, cell phones, televisions, stereo equipment, CD’s, CD-ROMs, DVDs, computers, photocopiers, jewelry, musical instruments, glassware, crystal and much more. Not recommended for high quality lenses.

  • MicroPro®

    USD $14.95

    LensPen MicroPro safely and effectively cleans micro camera lenses. With its specially designed tip, it applies the LensPen compound to places its bigger brothers can’t reach. Retractable brush removes dust and the unique LensPen compound outperforms all other cleaning systems.


  • MiniPro®

    USD $14.95

    The unique LensPen MiniPro features a fully retractable ultra fine brush and a flexible chamois tip. It uses a proprietary carbon based cleaning compound that won’t spill or dry out. There’s nothing else like it on the market and the LensPen MiniPro has won many awards for superior product design and usability. The new MiniPro is a shorter version of the original MiniPro and has been specifically designed to fit into small digital camera bags.