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One of our great original products – the FogKlear – is coming in handy now more than ever. Designed to prevent fogging up on any face shield, visor or goggle the FogKlear is a handy alternative to wipes and sprays that can be used hundreds of times.

FogKlear is a dry anti-fog cloth that pre-treats lenses and optics to prevent them from fogging up. Use on any goggle, lens or optic including eyepieces, telescopes, scopes, binocular lenses and view finders.

  • Good for over 200 applications
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Double-seal cloth storage system for added protection

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LensPen® for Photography

As a superb tool in optical lens cleaning technology, all LensPen products are designed to remove fingerprints, dust and grease. Perfect for lenses on any camera and any optics including binocular lenses, view finders, scopes, telescopes, sensors, filters, screens and eyepieces. Safe and very easy to use on any optic.  Get up to 500 cleans from each LensPen product.

Why trust LensPen for your Optics?

  • LensPen is safe to use on all optical lenses, filters, sensors and glass surfaces
  • LensPen is super effective. Nothing removes oily fingerprints, grease and dust better than a LensPen
  • LensPen is convenient and easy to use

Each LensPen product is specially designed for various optics – if you need help deciding which LensPen product is right for you check out Choose Your LensPen  or send an inquiry via Contact Us.



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