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LensPen Cleaning Tips Actual Sizes

Introducing LensPen® Elite™!

More than 25 years ago Parkside Optical introduced the Original LensPen®, and a generation of photographers and outdoor enthusiasts have counted on it to keep their cameras, filters and other fine optics clean and images sharp. We used something very dirty – a black carbon compound – to make a camera lens very clean.

In 2014 we introduced the LensPen Elite line that uses something very clean to make lenses and touchscreens clean: the new LensPen Invisible Carbon compound.

All models feature:

  • Cleaning Tip with our Invisible Carbon cleaning compound
  • Cap screws on and off to ensure Cleaning Tip is recharged with the carbon compound after each use
  • Retractable natural brush to remove dust
  • Compact size – all fit into your pocket or camera bag
  • Long life – more than 500 cleanings
  • No liquids, cloths or tissues
  • Safe to use on all fine optics
  • No expiration date
  • LensPen FAQs


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