Why LensPen?

Years ago many people cleaned mirrors or window panes with newspaper…why did this work so well?

  • Newspaper is covered with printing ink
  • Printing ink is made with a carbon compound
  • Carbon molecules have a unique ability to absorb huge amounts of oils and contaminants
  • The cleaning tip of LensPen is impregnated with a unique carbon compound. THE CARBON DOES THE CLEANING!

LensPen Features:

  • SAFE – Use on all optical lenses, LCD, plasma and glass surfaces
  • EFFECTIVE – Nothing removes oily fingerprints and dust better than a LensPen!
  • CONVENIENT – Compact size, no liquids, easy to use!
  • CUSTOM DESIGN – Unique designs, colors, and shapes for different applications!
  • LONG LIFE – Cannot dry out, unaffected by temperature, over 500 cleanings each!

Corporate Information
Parkside Optical Inc. (“Parkside”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of International Parkside Products Inc, a Vancouver-based public company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange in Canada. Since 1992 Parkside has been involved in the design, production, and marketing of products to clean fingerprints on high-quality optical and screen products including cameras, filters, binoculars, scopes, computers, digital picture frames, and most recently iPads, tablet computers, iPhones and Android Phones.

Parkside products make use of a unique carbon cleaning compound for which it has held various patents. New patents have been applied for as the Company expands the range of applications for its fingerprint cleaning technology. Parkside has already registered various trademarks around the world and the Company has been registering trademarks both for new products and in new countries. The brand name “LENSPEN” was the first trademark registered by Parkside and over the years it has become recognized around the world by many brand-name companies that purchase the Company’s product directly on an OEM basis.