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LensPen Frequently Asked Questions

How does LensPen® work?

The Cleaning Tip surface is covered with a special Invisible Carbon compound that removes the fingerprint oils. This is not “high tech” – this is “old tech”! Many years ago our grandmothers often used newspapers to clean the windows and mirrors in the house. Why did that work so well? Newspapers are covered with printer’s ink, ad the carbon molecule has a unique ability to absorb oils. The Invisible Carbon compound in LensPen products is unique and it has been specially formulated to handle the fingerprint oils on lenses, filters, eyepieces and screens.

Is LensPen safe for all lenses?

Absolutely. The cleaning tip of LensPen consists of the softest suitable materials, and is assembled in a “clean room” environment. This assures that the cleaning tip is free of any unwanted substances. Independent lab tests confirm that LensPen is safe for all lenses and lens coatings even after prolonged use. In fact, microscopic photographs show that unlike other systems, LensPen is absolutely safe for all your lenses. Moreover, the unique cap of LensPen is also designed to keep the cleaning tip protected while not in use.

Can I trust LensPen?

Extensive testing of LensPen on expensive lenses and lens coatings has proven that the cleaning compound is safe to all lenses and coatings. Further, LensPen has been purchased by Nikon, Canon, Kodak, and many other customers concerned with quality. These customers wouldn’t have considered purchasing LensPen without testing and verifying on their own.  Click here for a list of LensPen OEM partners.

Is LensPen environmentally friendly?

Yes! LensPen requires no solvents and, unlike lens tissues, creates no waste. It’s RoHS compliant and meets California’s Proposition 65 standards.

Can LensPen help reduce static charge?

Independent lab tests confirm that LensPen will substantially reduce the amount of electrostatic charge on the lens surface. This feature is important, as electrostatic charge attracts dust and causes it to adhere to lenses.

How long will LensPen last?

You’ll be able to clean a really dirty lens about 500 times. Why? Look at the inside of the Cap and you will see a foam pad filled with carbon. Twisting the cap back on after cleaning causes the two surfaces to rub together, carbon-to-carbon, and this recharges the carbon on the Cleaning Tip so it can be used many times. And how about this? LensPen has no expiration date! If you lose your LensPen and find it years later – it’s good to go! There are no liquids in a LensPen – nothing to dry out!



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