Parkside Optical Inc.
21st January 2020

Vitec takes on exclusive distribution of LensPen brand in USA.

Vitec Imaging Distribution Inc ("Vitec") the international provider of products and solutions to the Photographic markets, announces that it has taken on exclusive distribution of LensPen for the USA.

Manufacturer and global marketer of LensPen, Parkside Optical’s compact dry lens cleaning products feature a carbon cleaning technology to remove grease and fingerprints from fine optics, filters, action cameras, drones, gimbals, display screens, viewfinders, binoculars and sensors. This technology has revolutionized the market.

With Vitec’s strong sales channel and complimentary products in the photographic accessories, both companies can make the synergetic effect in 2020.

A snapshot of Vitec Imaging Distribution Inc

Vitec is a leading global provider of premium branded products and solutions to the fast moving and growing "image capture and content creation" market.

Vitec's customers include, independent content creators, enthusiasts, professional photographers and enterprises, and their activities comprise: design, manufacture and distribution of high performance products and solutions including camera supports, video and electronic accessories, LED lights, mobile accessories, and bags.

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