Imagine you’re trying to take a snapshot of an incident, and suddenly, you realize your camera lens is dirty and the image is affected. Although we may try to shy away from the fact that dirty optics does not affect image quality, the fact remains that it does.

Let’s get the facts straight, there are proper methods of cleaning your camera lens. As well as there are several conflicting do’s and don’ts when it comes to lens cleaning.

Law enforcement agencies are called to protect life and property. Armed with a rifle, cellphone, a security camera, and other enforcement gadgets, they head off to the scene of the incident. But what if the camera lens on your vehicle dashboard is dusty or your body cam has a fingerprint on it? You wouldn’t want it to affect the quality of an image it captures, ruining your visual review of what happened upon your arrival?

So, let’s keep this simple and find the safest way to clean your lenses so you can spend more time on the job without worrying about a dirty lens.

Why Clean a Camera Lens?

So many reasons, let’s talk about a few of them.

Dust Happens Everywhere

Everywhere is dusty and sooner than you think, your lens will be filled with dust. A lens is manufactured in an extremely clean environment because the manufacturers know how dust can affect its optimum performance. Funny enough, repeated cleaning does not help a camera lens, it only weakens it with time. So, what’s the secret to its longevity? It’s simple! Use a good lens cleaner and your camera, scope and more will be is safe and clean. This is why so many law enforcement agencies consider LensPen to ensure the right view every time.

Beware of Rare Smudges

Due to the delicate nature of the rear element of lenses, smudges and oily fingerprints can affect image quality adversely. So, what’s the best cleaner you can use for all these? The answer is simple, LensPen you number one lens cleaner.

Still Many People Ask, What Should I Use?

If your answer is your cotton T-shirt, use at your own risk. What make the most sense and gives you the best outcome is a carbon head cleaner because they are completely safe on all optical lenses. LensPen has the best cleaning product you can use on your lens that will completely remove all oily fingerprints, dirt, stains, and dust. And it may interest you to discover that nothing removes dirt from a lens faster and better than LensPen.
With such a great lens cleaning product from a leading manufacturer, you are guaranteed of using a camera and all lens products that will have a clean and clear lens to capture high-resolution images and with exceptional quality.

What’s more! LensPen is the leading brand that produces cleaning products for optics maintenance. Are you searching for a great way to keep your optics clean while on the job? LensPen is the perfect solution you need. Discover our powerful cleaning products suitable for most visual tools used by law enforcement. Whether it’s a rifle, drones, body cam or dash cam, you have found a great brand you can rely on any time. Order direct from our website

Check out our video to best understand how our proprietary lens cleaner works.