Cleaning A DLSR Lens? See What You Should Use

You can’t prevent your camera lens from getting dirty, especially if you use it regularly. it’s going to require proper cleaning if you want it to last a long time. Most are willing to risk damaging their camera lens by using a cloth or the tip of your T-shirt each time they notice it’s getting dirty. There are hidden stains on lenses that we cannot see with the naked eye. These stains may include elements that hamper the image quality of any photo taken with a dirty camera lens.

Use Lenspen DLSR Pro Kit

Do you know that cleaning your camera lens is inexpensive and easy to complete when you do it the right way? It makes sense to use a high-quality camera lens cleaning tool especially if this high-quality  professional lens cleaner fits into most anyone’s budget. The fact is, you need LensPen. It is the best lens cleaner on the market today, and it can easily clean hidden dirt and stains on your lens that prevent you from capturing priceless moments effortlessly.

What's Inside The Lenspen DLSR Pro Kit

The LensPen DLSR pro kit comes with all the tools needed to capture moments without spots. The kit includes the original LensPen for DLSR lens, the Filterklear for lens filters and a microfiber cleaning cloth that can be used to clean all other camera surfaces. Protection for everything camera!


Before you commence cleaning your lens, remember it’s vital to do only the amount of cleaning that is necessary. Rubbing extra hard or mixing products thinking you will get the best of everything is not a good idea. If you touch the lens with your fingers mistakenly, you will transfer the dirt to its surface. Your effort to clean may turn into a small disaster if you do not carefully attend to the cleaning process.

The right cleaning tool gives you the right results, therefore LensPen cleaning product offers a retractable bristled brush on one end to quickly remove dust and the perfect cleaning element that never dries out no matter how much it is used on the other end. You can use your LensPen to clean all optics, from camera lens to any small glass surface.

Welcomed Everywhere, Lenspen Does It Best

All over the world, millions of photographers, travelers, law enforcement, and adventurers choose LensPen as their number one lens cleaning tool. Our lens cleaning kit is designed to make your camera lens last long and help you take pictures that are memory perfect.

When it comes to cleaning tools for all your camera, video needs think LensPen. Perfection is the only conclusion we understand.