What You Should Know About Camera Lens Cleaning

All you need to take an awesome photo are a camera, decent eye, and a memory card. Even if you don’t necessarily need to clean your eye to use your camera, you must clean your camera’s eye, its lens, regularly and keep it in good shape. This is because dust, dirt, mud, and other particles will stick to the lens of your camera over time (even if you do not see it) and affect the quality of the photos taken. You need a good camera lens cleaner to keep your camera clean and capture priceless moments effortlessly.

The question is, “How can you keep your lenses in good clean condition?”. The best you can do is to take appropriate measures and avoid waiting until the lens look terrible or gets damaged from accumulated dust. When it comes to camera lens cleaning, there are certain practices you must avoid ensuring your device lasts long for you. The reality is that it’s easy to think of these as a safe option each time you notice your lens is stained or dirty, but you may want to think twice.

What You Must Avoid Using for Camera Lens Cleaning

  • Your breath

Many photographers use their breath to clean the lens or wipe away some particles of dust from the surface. However, it’s not an effective lens cleaning method and may not even wipe away many of the dust particles.

  • Cloth

You may be tempted to use your T-shirt to wipe the surface of your camera lens before taking a summer shot. Aside from the fact that it’s not enough, depending what is on your lens, it could stain your shirt. Some get a bit crazy and actually use their own saliva dabbed on a cloth. If you were to look at your saliva under a microscope you would probably get sick (and so will your camera lens… icky and it streaks).

  • What you should use

Have you observed how clean and dust-free your camera lens is after using an effective cleaning product from LensPen? If you haven’t, this is the best time to try it out and see for yourself. A camera lens cleaner from LensPen is guaranteed to wipe all kind of stains, grease, oil, dust, and fingerprints that find their way into your lens. By using this inexpensive yet effective tool for cleaning, you won’t have to worry about picture quality anymore. Finally, a perfect way to capture priceless moments!