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Introducing the LensPen® Optics Cleaning Kit for the World of Augmented and Virtual Reality. As a superb tool in optical lens and filter cleaning technology, all LensPen products are designed to remove fingerprints, dust and grease.

This kit features some of our top selling products that work wonders to clean Virtual Reality equipment with over $40 worth of products included. Also included: The LensPen > AR / VR FogKlear which is an environmentally friendly dry anti-fog cloth that pre-treats lenses and optics to prevent them from fogging up and The LensPen > AR / VR MicroKlear which is perfect for cleaning the housings of headset. Everything is packaged in one handy compact and travel friendly zippered pouch.

Use patented LensPen® products to clean smart glasses, AR / VR goggles including the Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Quest & PlayStation 4 VR system, along with any other gamer headsets or optics.


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