SMARTY Smart Phone Bundle

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 Our newest Smart Phone Bundle includes:

1 x SMARTY Smart Phone Lens Cleaner

1 x LensPen Smart Phone Card Holder

  • Removes Fingerprints, Dust & Smudges
  • Sustainable & Long-Lasting
  • Perfect for any size Smart Phone Camera

LensPen SMARTY Smartphone Clean Camera Bundle. As a superb tool in optical lens and filter cleaning technology, all LensPen products are designed to remove fingerprints, dust and grease. Use patented LensPen products to clean any optic included your Smartphone Cameras 

OUR PRODUCTS USE BLACK CARBON TECHNOLOGY: Created to remove fingerprints, smudges, dust and grease from any optic, headset or screen. LensPen Products have been cleaning high end optics for more than 25 years. Our products have been tested on wide variety of optics and are safe for use on all glass and high-end plastic Some black residue is normal.

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