Joel Seigel, President and CEO of Gentec International, is pleased to announce an exclusive agreement with Parkside Optical Inc. for the distribution of their LensPen products in the Canadian marketplace.

LensPen is the world leader in designing and bringing to market premium products that remove fingerprints and dust particles from optical and display screen surfaces. LensPen products make use of a unique patented carbon cleaning compound to achieve its extraordinary cleaning result. LensPen has been the leader in high quality optical cleaning solutions for the photography market for decades, and now also includes new products for cleaning smartphones, tablets/laptops, and imaging sensors.

“We are pleased to appoint Gentec International to act as the exclusive distributor for photo and IT products in the Canadian market,” stated Murray Keating, President and CEO of Parkside Optical Inc. “Gentec has for many years been recognized as the largest distributor of photo accessories in Canada, and now has established itself firmly in the tablet and smartphone accessories markets, as well. We look forward to working with Gentec and expanding the market in Canada for our unique cleaning products.”

LensPen cleaning products are available for photographic optics, image sensors, LCD screens, and mobile phones. The suggested retail prices for LensPen products start at $12.95. To view a product information video and learn more about LensPen products, visit