Now we can say LensPen Optics cleaning technology is very much available for Law Enforcement. The cleaning of a drone is an important step to ensure its longevity and efficiency. With each exit, your drone will collect dust, branches, and other small leaves, and will have to face the insects and the pollution. It will thus be necessary to clean it carefully so that it regains its initial brightness.

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Law Enforcement

The imminent prospect of increased use of unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, has created understandable concerns for lawmakers. These concerns have led some to ask for a law that requires the prohibition of almost all uses of drones unless the government has obtained a prior mandate. The privacy advocates organized a lobbying campaign that convinced thirteen states to enact legislation regulating the use of drones by the police. Eleven of these thirteen states need a mandate before the government can use a drone. Campaigns by privacy advocates often argue convincingly about the threat of widespread surveillance, but legislation is rarely adapted to prevent harm defenders fear. In fact, in all states where legislation has been passed, new laws focus on technology (drones) and not harm (general surveillance). In many cases, this technology-focused approach generates perverse results, allowing the use of highly sophisticated ubiquitous surveillance technologies from piloted aircraft, while prohibiting the inoffensive use of UAVs for mundane tasks such as aircraft documentation, accidents, and crimes, or surveillance of industrial pollution and other environmental damage.

Advocates of privacy say that with drones, the government will be able to conduct a general surveillance because drones are less expensive to operate than their controlled counterparts. Although drones are less expensive to operate, the drones that most law enforcement agencies can afford are currently much less capable than their manned counterparts (often these drones are small helicopters or remotely controlled aircraft, capable of flying less than an hour). The monitoring equipment that can be placed on these unmanned aircraft is also much less intrusive than the one that can be mounted on a piloted aircraft.

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