After considering the rate at which crime increases across the world today, then we can say there is a need for a new and sufficient development of a strategy to curb this activity. The law enforcement agencies are often faced with different challenges when it comes to apprehending criminals and charging them to the court of law. Some criminals are so smart that all they need is to get a good lawyer that will stand and defend their criminal activity in the court and they will be discharged and acquitted. This has been a big challenge to the law enforcement agencies, it discourages them from putting in their best to work because it always results to loss of effort as they are unable to provide any clear evidence against the criminal in the court of law.

We often see police and other law enforcement agencies say to criminals when they are being apprehended that everything said by the criminal will be used against him/her in the court of law. The accused on hearing this will knows it is the police officer’s word against the criminal and his lawyer. The lawyer will make the difference and will find a way to make the criminal sound like he was right, and the officer was either overly zealous or the officer had so many arrest or tickets written that day that he is confused with another case.

For years police officers, politicians, and the public have argued that this method seems so unprofessional and not well thought out. Having an officer of the law show up at court to defend a moving violation ticket they wrote or a criminal case with his word against their word is not good enough. Finally, law enforcement has taken the next step and they have started adding video cams on the law enforcement officers, not just the dashboard. The only thing that can go wrong now is either the cam is not working, or the lens is dirty, and the video is not clear enough to stand up in a courtroom.

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