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How to Order:

Special law enforcement and military pricing available. To order or for more information please contact: chantels@lenspen.com 

LensPen Optics cleaning technology is now available for Law Enforcement.

When clean optics are crucial, LensPen is a must for keeping lenses and eyepieces clean and images sharp. The molecular carbon cleaning technology photographers and hunters have counted on for more than 20 years is now available in a new line of products specially designed for law enforcement.

Hunters, law enforcement and the military count on LensPen to keep precision optics clean and images sharp. The U.S. Marine Corps issues a LensPen with every Trijicon ACOG riflescope, and our carbon cleaning technology is also endorsed by Nikon, Canon, Leupold and other top optics manufacturers.

LensPen cleans with a simple two-step process. First, use the retractable natural brush at one end to remove any loose dust or dirt. Next, twist the cap off the other end and use the cleaning tip to remove any dirt, grease or fingerprints from the lens. Every time you twist the cap back on, the carbon in the cleaning tip is recharged. Each will provide more than 500 cleanings.

Use LensPen products to clean scopes, protective eyewear, night vision goggles, and lenses on any camera including forensic photographers’ cameras, dashboard, and body cameras.